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Top Stories February 25, 2017

Derogatory Statements Made At High School Basketball Game


2/25/17 - A Cambria-Friesland high school basketball player used derogatory statements during their game last night against Horicon. An unnamed player reportedly used the n-word when referencing players on the opposing team, those involved in the incident were ejected. Cambria-Friesland Superintendent, Timothy Raymond, says that the incident is under investigation and that he will be talking with both the parents and students of those involved. He notes that while the WIAA does not normally handle these types of situations, they have been helpful in resolving the matter.  Horicon High School Principal, Teresa Graven, says that they are working on taking care of the issue. Raymond adds that he hopes that the school can move forward and use this as a learning experience. The WIAA had no comment on the incident; no further information has been made available.


Agreement Nearing For Replacement Of Lead Laterals


2/25/17 - Columbus Water and Light and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are nearing an agreement which will allow replacement of some of the old lead laterals located on private property in the city. Water and Light Superintendent Eric Anthon said that the council will be considering a resolution to accept the DNR grant at their next regular session meeting. Anthon said that Water and Light is already working with James Street reconstruction crews to plan some of the lead replacements after the year-long project begins in March. The three-year DNR grant will allow Columbus Water and Light to spend $300-thousand-dollars over a three-year period for lead service line replacements.


James Street Gets a “Redo”


2/25/17 - Reconstruction of James Street / Highways 16 and 60 through downtown Columbus will be starting on Monday March 6th. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Project Director David Pilon says reconstruction will be a multi-stage project beginning in March with tree removal along the east/west traffic artery. The first stage of construction will take place between River Road and Ludington Street. That first stage, scheduled between March and June, will include road closures and what Pilon calls a "pack your lunch" detour. The detour will use all state roads north east of Columbus reaching the edge of Beaver Dam. The project is targeted for completion in October.


Project Aimed To Give Fish Safe Habitats


2/25/17 - A group of local lake enthusiasts is looking to help some of the fish in Beaver Dam Lake.  As part of an ongoing project, the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association plans to create ‘coarse woody habitats’ at various locations along the lakeshore.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment program, Lake Improvement Association President Bill Boettge said the habitats are created when a tree naturally falls into the lake or when a tree/branch that is six to eight inches in diameter is cut into the lake and then attached to the shore to prevent waves from sweeping it away.  Boettge says the purpose of creating these habitats is to give fish a spawning location where they are safe from predators.  He says it also helps combat shoreline erosion.  While there is no limit on how many coarse woody habitats may be created, Boettge says BDLIA is currently looking at three locations. Those spots would be the Conservations Club, the bay where Middle Island is, and the bay where Axehead Island is located.


Beaver Dam Youth Expo


2/25/17 - A family-friendly event geared toward teens and pre-teens in the area is being held today in Beaver Dam. The first-ever Youth Expo is being held at the Watermark Community and Senior Center. Joan Hohenstein, Activities Specialist with the Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services Department, says while all-ages are invited, the purpose of the event is to encourage teens to get involved in their community by showcasing all the opportunities available. The Beaver Dam Youth Expo is free and is being held at the Watermark Community and Senior Center on South Center Street from 11am until 3pm.



State Attorney General Asks For GOP Districts To Be Restored


2/25/17 - State Attorney General Brad Schimel asks the U-S Supreme Court to put back his Republican party's Assembly and Senate districts that three federal judges found unconstitutional in November. The panel ruled on a 2-1 vote that too many districts were loaded with Republican voters, thus making it much more difficult for Democrats to win elections and assume majorities in the state Legislature. Schimel says the test for reaching that conclusion was not reliable, but Democrats disagreed in a lawsuit they filed in 2015 that resulted in last fall's dismissal of the state districts. The judges told lawmakers to draw new maps in time for the 2018 elections, three years before another redistricting plan would be adopted in accordance with the state's population in the 2020 Census.